Rebranding StaffordFM to Vibe1 Radio: A Local Station’s Fresh Identity

Vibe 1 - Radio for Mid Staffordshire Logo

Project Overview: Rebranding StaffordFM to Vibe1 Radio

In early 2024, I led StaffordFM’s rebranding to Vibe1 Radio. Vibe1 are a popular local radio station for Mid-Staffordshire. The station approached me to develop a new brand identity as Vibe1 Radio. The client wanted a quick turnaround to launch at an upcoming event.


The primary challenge was to create a fresh, appealing brand identity with minimal initial direction from the client. Stu, the station representative, provided a collection of logos for inspiration, which served as a starting point to understand their aesthetic preferences. An additional layer of complexity arose from the fact that Stu is colour blind, necessitating extra care and consideration in the colour selection process.


  1. Initial Consultation: Virtually met with the Stu from Vibe1 to discuss their vision and goals for the rebrand, taking note of Stu’s colour blindness.
  2. Research: Analysed the provided inspiration logos and conducted market research on contemporary radio station branding.
  3. Concept Development: Created multiple logo concepts, exploring various styles, typography, and colour schemes, with special attention to colour accessibility.
  4. Iteration: Presented initial concepts to the client, using colour-blind simulation tools to ensure Stu could effectively evaluate the designs.
  5. Refinement: Based on client feedback, I refined the most promising concepts through several iterations, continually checking for colour accessibility.
  6. Finalisation: Collaborated closely with the Stu to select and perfect the final logo design, ensuring it was visually appealing to both colour-blind and non-colour-blind individuals.


Through an iterative process and close collaboration with the client, I successfully developed a new brand identity that met Vibe1 Radio’s vision while addressing the unique challenge of colour blindness. The final logo effectively communicated the station’s fresh, vibrant personality while maintaining a connection to its local roots. The colour palette was carefully chosen to be distinguishable and attractive to all viewers, including those with colour vision deficiencies. The new branding was well-received by both the client and their audience, successfully launching at the local event as planned.

This project showed my skills in:

  • Efficient work under tight deadlines
  • Interpret client needs with minimal initial direction,
  • Adaptability and consideration in designing for accessibility
  • Creating inclusive, accessible, appealing designs
  • Aligning with client vision and market position