Yay! I’m so glad I have had my results and I passed my second year of University.

The results below are out of 15.

GUI:Design and Implementation – 14

Professional and Enterprise Development – 12

Web Programming with Servlets and JSP – 12 (really happy about that grade)

Software Development for Mobile Computing Applications – 11

Concurrent Programming in C# – 9 (this could have been higher if it wasn’t for the tutor who marked it)

Database Systems – 8

Windows Game Programming – 4 (don’t do games programming in your second year, if you didn’t do it in the first year)

Further Object-Oriented Programming – 4 (really don’t know what happened with this one! Time management around Christmas I think)

I’m not so impressed with the last two grades but at least I passed them (4 is a pass, just!), but the rest of it I couldn’t have possibly done any better.

Now I can enjoy working for IBM for the year and think about my final year of University nearer the time.

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